Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recycle Your Memories

After recently moving and feeling the need to downsize as a result, I have stumbled across an idea I think is so freaking cute and a good use of something you might otherwise throw away. T-shirt quilts!! I have taken my old high school and college(feels weird to say college referring to the past) t-shirts and starting making them into a keepsake quilt! I love this idea and felt the need to share.... 
The quilts are in my opinion expensive if you have them made but I found easy to follow directions on the process from start to finish and for several different sizes. Click Here for the link if your interested 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At the center... UCF top Food Fads for the Summer Semester

Orlando, FL, July 29, 2010. Escaping from the summer heat, UCF Students fill up at Qdoba at the student union. “You can never go wrong with a burrito,” says a student filling up his soda.

Orlando, FL, July 29, 2010. In between classes, every college student stops and gets a bite to eat. The best spot on the UCF campus is the Student Union. Students on the run or hankering for a snack in between classes come to lunch at the Union.

Orlando, FL, July 29, 2010. In a rush and hungry? Or waiting to make copies? Students stop into the Pita spot for a hot dogs, pretzels, and soda on their way to class. 

Orlando, FL, July 29, 2010.Wackadoo’s is a UCF favorite at the end of the day. Students come in for burgers, wings and beers. After cramming this is the place to unwind.

Orlando, FL, July 29, 2010.Whether stopping in between classes or on their way back to the dorm, Asian Chao is a favorite spot for students to Chao down.  If they’re not in the mood for Asian fusion food, they’ll stop at the Corner Café or one of the other numerous eateries in the cafeteria.

Also, Check out the Video to the left featuring campus snack stops and fav. foods from UCF students themselves.