Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recycle Your Memories

After recently moving and feeling the need to downsize as a result, I have stumbled across an idea I think is so freaking cute and a good use of something you might otherwise throw away. T-shirt quilts!! I have taken my old high school and college(feels weird to say college referring to the past) t-shirts and starting making them into a keepsake quilt! I love this idea and felt the need to share.... 
The quilts are in my opinion expensive if you have them made but I found easy to follow directions on the process from start to finish and for several different sizes. Click Here for the link if your interested 

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  1. That's funny, I just made a second one for my daughter, Alexis' cousin Tiffany. It is easy to make and fun to look at and remember "those were the days"! I also made one for her 18th birthday of all her baby is a treasured piece that went with her to college and is now promised to her own daughter. Glad you liked the idea Alexis..have fun!